“I believe that telling our stories illuminates the world one voice at a time.”   -  Dan Curtis

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

You probably know that memories not recorded are soon forgotten. How often have you heard, “I wish I’d asked mom more about her life.”

By saving our stories and the stories of our families, we create a lasting legacy that time will not erase. We ensure that who we are and what we believe in will endure and not be forgotten.

If you fear that your life story or the stories of your loved ones may be lost because you simply don’t have the time or skill to do the work, then I can help you.

The result will be a professionally produced heirloom that will bring you profound satisfaction knowing that precious memories have been saved.

I think you’ll really be pleased with your memoir. And if you’re not, I’ll do everything I can to make it right for you – or your money back. That’s my guarantee.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Looking for a auto insurance company in Belleville is easier if you know what types of coverage are usually available. Knowing what type or types you need will ultimately help you narrow down your shopping spree.

Take note that these following types of auto insurance coverage can be mixed and match to tailor fit the policy you want or you can just simply choose one depending on your budget.

  1. Collision Coverage. Most car owners purchase Belleville car insurance in order to help them out with finances in case they get into an accident. Collision coverage is useful if you often get into road mishaps because it pays for the repairs of your auto. Also, if the cost of the repair is more expensive than the car itself, most coverage will pay the price of the car when you bought it. A good tip: if your vehicle is slightly old and not as useful as it once was, you may want to scrap this type of coverage out of your policy. Otherwise, you should add this to the insurance. You’ll never know when you would get into a road accident.
  1. Liability Coverage. This type also deals with accidents. However, this is especially helpful if the accident is your fault. Some car insurance companies don’t offer this and you are left to pay damages not just to your vehicle but to the vehicle of the other person involved in the accident. At times, you may need to pay medical bills as well. Such an incident could bear a huge hole in your savings. Liability coverage prevents this from happening. If you caused an accident, this kind of insurance will cover the repair of everything that was damaged including medical bills from injuries. Therefore, if you have extra money, it might be smart to get this into your policy.
  1. Personal Injury Coverage. You may want to consider purchasing this coverage. Medical bills from an accident can definitely take up a lot of your money and savings as you need to pay not just hospitalization but pricey medicines as well. With personal injury coverage, all medical bills from all personalities involved will be paid for by the insurer. You may have to check this, however, since not all companies offer the said coverage.
  1. Uninsured Motorist Protection. This is most useful if you are involved in an accident with another motorist. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who don’t purchase car insurance therefore, you are left to pay for everything whether you are at fault for the accident or not. Uninsured motorist protection coverage is relatively cheap that is why if you have some extra money, you may want to add it to your policy to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  1. Comprehensive Coverage. Most types of insurance coverage only pay for expenses caused by accidents. All other car problems you encounter will never be covered by most policies. This is why a comprehensive coverage is something you should consider. For instance, your car is damaged because of weathering or accidentally hitting a stray animal on the road. This type of policy will help you pay for charges. Also, if ever your vehicle is stolen, comprehensive coverage will be able to help you out. The downside to this is it can be quite expensive, but if you install some gadgets that will protect your car from theft and wear and tear, the price of this Belleville car insurance can go down.

What are some ways of capturing personal histories?

I offer a number of options each one tailored to meet your needs and budget. These include:

  • A Video Memoir that weaves interviews with photos, home movies and music to capture an individual’s life story.
  • An Oral History that consists of an unedited audio or video taped interview.
  • A Legacy Book that combines life stories with treasured photographs.
  • An Ethical Will written to friends and family that contains a person’s most important values and beliefs, life lessons and future hopes.