My “Staycation”. Would I Do It Again?

Victoria Inner Harbor

My regular readers  know that I recently took a two-week break at home. I previously wrote about “staycations”  in The Secret to a Successful “Staycation”.

Here’s  some added advice based on my recent experience.

  • Be prepared for surprises and move on. These can be both good and bad. Mine were of the bad variety. Two days before my planned break my computer broke down. By the time I’d looked into repairing it, decided not to do so, bought a new computer, and caught up on the work I needed to do before taking off, my two weeks was reduced to ten days. But I still  made the most of the time left.
  • Be flexible. I know that in my previous article on “staycations” I wrote about getting away from your computer. I decided that I needed to check my e-mails twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I didn’t want to have  hundreds of e-mail messages piled up when I got back. This worked for me. But it did take a conscious effort to stay away from my computer. There was the temptation to hang around and do more.
  • Adjust your expectations. Before my break I’d built up in my mind an impressive list of things I was going to do. Truth is I would have needed a month to accomplish everything. So I pared away at my list. I focused on a few things I really wanted to do, like taking a day trip by ferry to Vancouver and seeing an old friend.
  • Shake up routines. Because my life tends to be heavily scheduled, I wanted to avoid programming every minute of my holiday.  Some of my favorite times were spent sitting on my back patio doing nothing but watching the birds at the feeder and the clouds drifting by.
  • Accept that a “staycation” is a break, not a holiday. If you expect that your “staycation” will give you the same feeling of escape and adventure as a trip away, you’ll be disappointed. I had hoped for more. But on reflection, I realize that I was able to take enough of a break that I feel ready to plunge into a very busy fall.

Would I do it again? The answer is definitely yes. But given what I’ve learned, I’d adjust some of my plans and expectations.

Photo by Evan Leeson

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3 Responses to My “Staycation”. Would I Do It Again?

  1. (mary) ches applewhite

    What a great picture! I very much regret that I cannot attend the conference in Victoria.
    I appreciate your ‘staycation’ thoughts. I’m moving to St. Petersburg in the state of Floriduh November first and am beginning to think it will be a wonderful staycation. I’ll be renting in the Princess Martha – a hotel built in 1924 – and it’s non-evacuation during hurricanes! I’ll easily get to know my neighbors because there’s a cocktail party every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Looking forward to the move, even if I have to “short-sale” my condo home! cheers, ches

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