Monday’s Link Roundup.

In this Monday’s Link Roundup there’s a mix of the practical and whimsical. Having difficulty calculating how much to charge your clients? Sign up now for cj madigan’s Webinar: Calculating Your Hourly Rate: the Key to Profitability. Purchasing a new audio recorder? Then you’ll definitely want to read Choosing an Audio Recorder.  For a break from the practical, take a look at Famous Authors And Their Typewriters. It’s delightful.

  • Webinar: Calculating Your Hourly Rate: the Key to Profitability.Wednesday, June 15, 2011 4 PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific. “This webinar will be useful to anyone who needs to confidently answer the question: What do you charge? It’s particularly helpful for those who have recently left a salaried position and are now on their own as an independent contractor: personal historians, designers, writers, editors, photographers, transcribers, programmers, consultants—anyone who needs to set their own price for services rendered.”
  • A Brief History of the Pun. “…we’re ecstatic for the release of John Pollack’s The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics — an entertaining and illuminating exploration of how wordplay evolved to be much more than a cheap linguistic thrill or the product of bottom-feeder copywriters.”
  • Famous Authors And Their Typewriters. “There’s something magical about catching a glimpse of one of your favorite authors at work – even a photo of the epic event can send an anxious thrill down your spine, as if you might be able to see some hint of literary genius in posture or setting, in attire or facial expression. And it’s even better if they’re working on a typewriter.”
  • Choosing an Audio Recorder. “We have broken down our reviews of audio recorders into five considerations. These are things to consider when purchasing portable digital audio recorders:”
  • How to Podcast. “This is the home of the free podcast tutorial that will take your podcast from concept to launch fast and for minimal cost.”
  • British Library creates a “national memory’ with digital newspaper archive. “The library is one year into its plan to digitise 40m news pages from its vast 750m collection, housed in Colindale, north London. This autumn, the library will reinvent its cavernous vaults as a website, where amateur genealogists and eager historians will be able to browse 19th-century newsprint from their home computer.”
  • Top 8 Cover Design Tips for Self-Publishers. “We’ve all seen them. The train wrecks. The art class projects. The cringe-inducing artwork. It’s the world of do-it-yourself book cover design…But anyone who can write and publish a book ought to be able to avoid at least the worst mistakes in cover design.”

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