My Dears, Don’t Miss These 20 Fabulous Articles on Interviewing!

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.
~ W. Edwards Deming,  American author and lecturer.

A good personal history interview is like a symphony – complex, engaging, and harmonious. Over the past three years I’ve written extensively about the art of the interview and assembled these articles here in one convenient list. Enjoy!

  1. Are You Asking the Courageous Questions?
  2. How Prepared Are You to Interview Terminally Ill Clients? 
  3. Come to Your Senses and Unlock Childhood Memories.
  4. What Do You Do When Facing a Reluctant Family Story Teller?
  5. How to Use “Acknowledgment” to Build a Better Interview. 
  6. How to Listen with Your Eyes.
  7. The #1 Secret to a Successful Life Story Interview.
  8. Are You Creating a Supportive Milieu for Your Personal History Interviews?
  9. Caution: End-of-Life Interviews May Unlock Traumatic Stories.
  10. How to Boost Your Interviewing Skills.
  11. Avoid These Three Interviewing Pitfalls.
  12. What I’ve Learned About Getting “Truthful” Interviews.
  13. 4 Action Steps to a Good Life Story Interview.
  14. How to Listen With Your Third Ear.
  15. Want To Do A Better Job of Listening?
  16. How to Interview A “Challenging” Subject.
  17. How to be An Engaged Listener.
  18. How to Interview Someone with Dementia.
  19. Do You Make These Interviewing Mistakes?
  20. Nine Secrets of A Good Interview.

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Photo by Erica La Spada

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4 responses to “My Dears, Don’t Miss These 20 Fabulous Articles on Interviewing!

  1. Dan:
    You really have quite a collection of gems here. Thanks so much for bringing them to light again.

  2. As always–you provide us with fabulous information.

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