“Dan’s film is wonderful. It means a great deal to me. I can turn it on and it’s almost like still having Dad around. The film actually captures who he was as a human being. I get to visit with him whenever I want to. That’s a very special gift.”

Gwyn Teatro
Deep Cove, B.C.

“Thank you so very much Dan for the beautiful tape of our Mom and Grandma. It has been looked at so many times with just as many tears…but it’s just like having that precious wee angel with us again.”

Pat Tucker
Toronto, Ontario

“The results were absolutely fabulous! I couldn’t be happier with the DVD of my Mom. Dan did a great job.”

Lois Turner
Victoria, B.C.

“I am beyond pleased to have this permanent record of my life at sixty and quite blown away by Dan’s respectful and sensitive genius in documenting an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Thanks Dan!”

Daphne MacIain
Victoria, B.C.

“I can’t say enough about Dan’s ability to work with people. His caring demeanor and lovely sense of humor instantly put my rather conservative parents at ease. He knows just the questions to ask, and how to ask them, to discover hidden depths in people. Dan’s expertise as a life coach, a documentary filmmaker, and a volunteer with hospice make him the perfect person to do a legacy of your family. I highly recommend him. Be warned, though – you’ll fall in love with him.”

Val Sharp
Victoria, B.C

“I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. You did a brilliant editing job and I love how you caught mom in happy as well as pensive moments. It is an incredible archive for our family and a real tribute to her!”

Lorna Pierce
Victoria, B.C.