I Need Your Advice.

Have you done your own personal history?

As a professional personal historian, I’m sometimes asked if I’ve ever had my life story told. I haven’t. And I always feel awkward about my response. I usually mutter  that I’m too busy doing other people’s stories.  It’s not a very satisfactory answer.

If I don’t see the value of preserving my history, why should anyone believe me when I tell them the great advantages of preserving their own?

Now the fact is that I’m an only child and I don’t have any children of my own.  There aren’t any family members to leave my life story to. A few of my friends might be interested but that’s about it. So part of me thinks, “Why bother?”

Now this is where I need your advice.

What could you say that would inspire me to do my life story?

Please send me your comments. Who knows? You might actually get me started on my personal history!