6 Reasons Why Writing Your Life Story Matters

My mom and her sister

My mom and her sister

Maybe you’re like a number of people who say, “Yeah, I’ve thought about writing my life story, but…(fill in the blank).” There are all kinds of excuses for not getting down to it. That’s why I’ve put together this list to get you motivated. I’m convinced that after reading these six reasons for writing your life story you’ll want to get started today…or maybe tomorrow. But you will start. Right?

  1. You’re the only one who really knows your story. How will you be remembered? Will friends and relatives be the ones to define you after you’re gone? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be the one to describe who I am and what motivates me.
  2. Your life story is a gift. This is no time to be modest and humble. While you may think your life has been of no great significance, others will beg to differ. I now have my mother’s story told in a beautiful 117 page hard-cover book. I know she has only a year or two at the most to live. I will treasure this book for as long as I live, because it is a very tangible reminder of who she is. It is a gift.
  3. Your story is part of a country’s oral history. Writing about the life you have lived is a window on another time and place. It can provide a rich and personal glimpse into daily life and major events of the day. Generations to come will find it fascinating and educational to know how you lived.
  4. Recording your life story can be therapeutic. Academic studies show that the act of reviewing one’s life can bring a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. By reflecting on our life we begin to see that it is not a series of random events but that there is a discernible pattern. It helps us make sense of our lives and explains why we did the things we did. Looking back on my life, I realize that the many different things I’ve done have all been connected with my need to be of service. So it’s no surprise to me then, that I’ve set up this blog.
  5. Your life story can be of help to others. Our lives are filled with challenges. How we cope with them and the lessons we’ve learned can be of benefit to others.
  6. A life story connects the generations. In today’s world families are more often than not scattered across vast distances. We no longer share stories around the supper table. Young people don’t know their roots. A life story provides one way to reconnect families and bring them the richness of their heritage.

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