Do You Want to Bolster Your Presentation Skills?


In my previous article I covered six ways you can “Get Control of Your Pre-Presentation Jitters”. In this post I’ve assembled seven great sites that provide a range of practical ways you can improve your personal history presentation skills.

  • Presentation skills training: Practical tips covering: preparation, style, dealing with nerves, working your audience, structuring a presentation, and developing as a presenter.
  • 10 Ways to Reclaim Your Power as a Speaker: “Lee Glickstein, creator of Speaking Circles (worldwide) thinks speaking is relationship not showmanship. Glickstein believes that good speakers communicate for connection. He says that the best technique is no technique.”
  • Oral Presentation Skills: “Next time you have to make a presentation to a group …, check out these tips to help you prepare, organize, and deliver your speech as well as create visual aids to accompany it and answer questions when it’s over.”
  • Six Minutes: This is a great blog that brings you public speaking and presentation skills tips, analysis, insights, and strategies.
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Articles: “Patricia Fripp offers you her articles on public speaking and presentation skills to reprint or repost – FREE – provided that her name and contact information (supplied at the end of each article) are included.”

Photo by Daniel Greene

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4 Responses to Do You Want to Bolster Your Presentation Skills?

  1. This is really helpful. I have taken this presentation skills at Melbourne workshop and I gained a lot of confidence and was able to prepare effective slides to aid presentation.

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