Monday’s Link Roundup.

The things you discover on Monday’s Link Roundup! Have you ever heard of “cowboy poems”? I hadn’t until I came across Tales from the ranch. Just a another creative way to capture life stories. But my favorite site has to be the newly created Popular Science Archive. With 137 years of magazine history,  it’s a treasure trove of stories and images of changing life styles over the years.

  • Tweet or Meet? How to Choose Your Medium Wisely. “When Stevie Wonder first sang “I just called to say I love you,” no one wondered whether he would have been better off tweeting his message instead of picking up the phone. Not so today.”
  • The Second Military Oral History Conference: Between Memory and History. Victoria, BC, Canada, 5-7 May 2010. “The Conference will bring together academics, students, veterans, and members of the Military to assess the value of oral history in the study of military history and contemporary military operations. More than twenty papers will be presented by scholars from the Canada, the United States and Europe. Registration:  $75  General Public;  $50 Veterans and Students. Registration include 2 lunches, coffee break and reception. For more information contact:”
  • Tales from the ranch. “Cowboy poems about past and modern ranch life captivated Jessica Hedges when she was a young girl…Cowboy poems are real-life stories put to rhyme and meters, similar to how songs are put together, Hedges explained. They are oral history books that are entertaining.
  • The Pioneers of American Landscape Design. “Chronicles the lives and careers of those who have designed our gardens, parks, streets, campuses, cemeteries, suburbs, and the innumerable other environments in which we live. This dynamic, ongoing series utilizes multiple formats—including biographical profiles, videotaped and transcribed oral histories, tours, and print publications—to educate, inspire, and promote the active sharing of information.”
  • Tattered Cover Book Blog. Cathy, a staff member at Tattered Cover Book Store, recommends  seven books for Women’s History Month.
  • America’s Funniest Family Stories: A Reader’s Digest contest. “So, you think your family is funny? Your father’s stuck in a fashion time warp? Your daughter’s got her foot permanently ensconced in her mouth? Your mother-in-law is so judgmental it’s laughable? Good! We want to hear about it. Send us your funny stories about witty wives, cranky fathers, dim-witted in-laws, silly sons, spoiled pets–and more. You could win $5,000.”
  • New! Browse the Complete Popular Science Archive. “We’ve partnered with Google to offer our entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements.”

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