Monday’s Link Roundup.

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Happy Victoria Day holiday to all my Canadian readers! For those of you who have the day free, why not take a ramble through this Monday’s Link Roundup? There’s bound to be something to pique your curiosity. One of my favorite links is How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way. I’m seriously thinking of trying this.

  • Social Media Toolkits. “From the National Association of Government Communicators list, I’m reposting information about a great resource: three social media toolkits from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” [Thanks to Pat McNees for alerting me to this item.]
  • For Real Productivity, Less is Truly More. “As every great athlete understands, the highest performance occurs when we balance work and effort with rest and renewal. The human body is hard-wired to pulse, and requires renewal at regular intervals not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.”
  • 10 Simple Google Search Tricks. “I’m always amazed that more people don’t know the little tricks you can use to get more out of a simple Google search. Here are 10 of my favorites.”
  • Narrative Medicine: Learning to Listen. “Dr. Rita Charon, professor of clinical medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, is well aware of the power of storytelling. She has a Ph.D. in English — training that changed her medical practice. Through literature, she learned how stories are built and told, and translated that to listening to, and better understanding, patients.” [Thanks to Elisabeth Pozzi-Thanner of Oral History Productions for alerting me to this item.]

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