Monday’s Link Roundup.

This Monday’s Link Roundup is devoted to everything digital from publishing on iPad to the Associated Press Stylebook’s latest Social Media Guidelines. For those of you thinking about sticking your big toe into the Social Media waters, you’ll find The Small Business (Idiot’s) Guide to Social Media a terrific resource.

  • The Small Business (Idiot’s) Guide to Social Media. “Are you embarrassed to say that you’ve never been on Twitter? Not quite sure what to make of Facebook? Relax. This irreverent idiot’s guide by a top former social media consultant will tell you exactly what you should — and shouldn’t — be doing to leverage the “global conversation” for your business.”
  • Authors will soon be able to Self-Publish on the iPad Bookstore. “Apple is now an alternative to traditional publishers. The company this week opened a new portal for independent authors to self-publish their books for the iBooks Store open to iPad (and soon iPhone) customers. Best of all, the author/publisher receives royalties on every sale.”
  • Those Unattached to Their Interior Story Get Addicted to Feedback. “One of the recent podcast interviews in Michael Margolis’s The New Storytellers series featured the wonderful Christina Baldwin, author of one of the seminal books in the current storytelling movement, Storycatcher…People are longing for a deeper conversation, Baldwin says. We need to push technology aside and just talk slowly face-to-face in a social space that creates connection…It’s a very worthwhile and thought-provoking conversation. Give it a listen.”
  • 2010 AP Stylebook Announces “Website” is One Word; “E-Mail” Retains Hyphen. “The Associated Press announced yesterday that it has added a separate Social Media Guidelines section to its 2010 AP Stylebook. The new section includes information on correct use of such terms as “… app, blogs, click-throughs, friend and unfriend, metadata, RSS, search engine optimization, smart phone, trending, widget and wiki.”
  • ‘Vanity’ Press Goes Digital. “Much as blogs have bitten into the news business and YouTube has challenged television, digital self-publishing is creating a powerful new niche in books that’s threatening the traditional industry. Once derided as “vanity” titles by the publishing establishment, self-published books suddenly are able to thrive by circumventing the establishment. ” [Thanks to Pat McNees for alerting me to this item.]
  • Self-publishing via is the self-publishing arm of Amazon, providing a service that makes it easy for an individual to self-publish books, CDs, and DVDs. I’ve used CreateSpace for books and highly recommend it.”

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