Monday’s Link Roundup.

Another Monday and a roundup of some of my  favorite links.  If you love design as much as I do, don’t miss An industry in re-covery. It looks at how good design may yet save the printed book from the onslaught of e-books. Still uncertain what you should be charging for your work? For some helpful tips, take a look at How Should Freelance Writers Determine What Price to Charge?

  • Listening to History. “Developed organically in a series of improvisatory workshops, based on real people in a real place over a 90-year period, and conceived without a conventional script, The Tosca Project presented a particularly complex challenge. What kind of information would be most helpful to the process? Where could we find it? How could we make it accessible to the cast and creators?”
  • How Should Freelance Writers Determine What Price to Charge? “If you’re a freelance writer (or if you hire freelance writers), then you may have a difficult time determining what the market price for writing is. Of course, your lowballing client would have you believe that nearly all writers work for practically nothing at all–but, don’t you believe them.”
  • An industry in re-covery. “To give new life to old titles, publishers are turning to what e-books can’t offer yet: great design.”
  • And Now, the Tricky Part: Naming Your Business. “As many entrepreneurs can attest, deciding on a name for a new business is no easy task. One with pizzazz can set a new company apart; one that misses the mark can make a burgeoning start-up fall flat.The problem, marketing and branding experts agree, is that there is no magic bullet to picking the best name.” [Thanks to Diane Dassow of Binding Legacies for alerting me to this item.]
  • Exploring My America. “We’re asking engaging, adventurous people to hit the road for a week and tell their story and the stories of the people they meet. Does that sound like you? The program will run from July 11 through August 28, 2010. Over the course of the program, we’ll launch three road trip teams on different routes each week. Each team’s mission is to interact with people along their assigned route, capture interesting stories of unique personalities and places throughout their journey, and upload their stories to the program website.”

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