Monday’s Link Roundup.

In this Monday’s Link Roundup, take a look at Your Problem Isn’t Motivation. It’ll kick-start your new year. For something completely different watch the engaging and sobering 5 minute video Life in 4,748 Self-Portraits.

  • Books That Are Never Done Being Written.“An e-book…is far different from an old-fashioned printed one. The words in the latter stay put. In the former, the words can keep changing, at the whim of the author or anyone else with access to the source file. The endless malleability of digital writing promises to overturn a whole lot of our assumptions about publishing.”
  • Your Problem Isn’t Motivation.”Motivation is in the mind; follow-through is in the practice. Motivation is conceptual; follow-through is practical. In fact, the solution to a motivation problem is the exact opposite of the solution to a follow through problem. The mind is essential to motivation. But with follow through, it’s the mind that gets in the way.” [Thanks to Ronda McLean of Insight Life Stories for suggesting this item.]
  • New Videos From Archipel Steal the Show. “The digital preservation-related video show, that is.  The set of newly released videos from the Belgian project “Archipel” are the latest digital preservation videos to hit the scene.  The Archipel project is a recent collaboration by organizations in Belgium, to study digitization and digital preservation of cultural heritage materials.”
  • Four Steps to (Quickly) Share Your Business Story. [Video]“Communications coach Carmine Gallo shares tips on how to craft your business story — covering all the essential elements — so you can tell it it in 60 seconds. He shares the four critical questions you must answer to get your message across to prospects.”
  • A Secret, A Kiss: ‘The Moment’ Your Life Changed. “The six-word memoir conceit grew into a popular series of books, but the editors knew it was tough to share a meaningful story in so few words. So Smith Magazine prompted its community to write about the moments that changed their lives — the moments of clarity, the things that happened to them, the things they made happen.”
  • Life in 4,748 Self-Portraits.[Video] “It started simply enough in 1999. Jeff Harris, a photographer based in Toronto, took his first self-portrait, something he has since repeated every day. His visual diary now amounts to 4,748 photos and they tell a very personal story.”

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