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What’s The Connection Between Reflexology and Life Stories?

I visited my local vitamin shop last week and ended up sampling a free, ten-minute reflexology treatment.  My feet felt wonderful. This got me thinking. Reflexologists and personal historians face the same marketing challenge. People have heard about us but don’t really know what we’re about.

Samples help people make purchasing decisions. So I plan to include some free samples as part of my personal history marketing repertoire in the new year. Here’s what I’ve decided to do. You can try out my plan for yourself or adapt it and see what happens. If you’ve other “sampling” ideas, why not share them  in the comment box below?

The plan. I’ll suggest to my neighborhood  book store that I’d like to spend a day offering interested patrons a free, ten-minute, digitally recorded life story interview. The interviews, I’ll explain, will be conducted in a quiet corner  and will not interfere with the normal flow of customers.

The execution. I’ll have  some  ten-minute topics to suggest to a willing patron such as: Who was the biggest influence in your life? What are some important  life lessons you’ve learned?  What’s your  favorite childhood memory?

After the interview, I’ll download the recording and burn a CD on the spot. I’ll tuck it into a protective sleeve or case and hand it to my interviewee, along with a brochure that outlines the benefits  and services I provide.  Prior to the sample sessions, I’ll burn a label on the CDs that includes a title, such as Memories and my name and contact information.

How will people find me? There are a couple of possibilities. I’ll encourage the bookstore staff to mention my free offer.  If space permits, I’ll set up a chair with a sign above me that reads. 

Preserving Memories Is An Act of Love. Get your free mini-memoir recorded here.

A footnote. Because the sample interview is a free offering, I want to keep my costs and time to a minimum. That’s why I’m planning to download and burn CDs on the spot. This ensures that at a later date I don’t have to deliver or mail out CDs. Besides, the interviewees will appreciate being able to take away their mini-memoir immediately.

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