See How Easily You Can Write Your Life Story Book.

Flickr photo by re_birf

Flickr photo by re_birf

How many of you have sat down with the best of intentions to write your life story? Or have tried to get someone else to write theirs? I’m continually encountering people who started writing several years ago and haven’t progressed much beyond their first chapter.

Why is that? Well there are several reasons. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the time. Many people today are suffering from time deprivation. Trying to fit one more thing into a busy schedule seems impossible. For others, sitting alone at a desk and composing sentences is a chore. The words just don’t seem to come. Some people don’t know where to start. Should I organize my life story chronologically or thematically? Should I include my ancestors or just my immediate family?

So if you find yourself nodding in agreement with what I’ve just said, here’s a solution. Hire a professional personal historian. You can find someone in your area by going here.

Here are seven benefits to hiring a personal historian.

  • A personal historian can manage your print and video project from beginning to end. No need for you to learn all kinds of new software programs.
  • Being interviewed by a personal historian who is an empathetic listener is more engaging than working on your own.
  • Talking to a neutral, non-family member can be easier than being interviewed by a friend or relative.
  • Personal historians are skilled at asking just the right questions to bring out comprehensive and nuanced stories.
  • A personal historian can help edit your story and bring clarity and “readability” to your work.
  • A personal historian can ensure that your story will be preserved in a professional and attractive manner.
  • Lastly, and most importantly your life story will get done.
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4 Responses to See How Easily You Can Write Your Life Story Book.

  1. i have just started writting my personal life story. I invite your suggestions.

  2. You didn’t say anything about price.
    Happy Days – Maxi

  3. Thanks jaydeep and Maxi for your comments. With regards to suggestions jaydeep, I think the best thing I can suggest is that you subscribe to my blog and keep up-to-date on my tips and suggestions for writing your life story.

    Maxi, price varies. I’m not being coy but it depends on what an individual wants. So I usually consult with my clients at the outset to get clear what they have in mind. Then I can put together a budget for them. So costs can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Hope that is of some help.

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