Monday’s Link Roundup.

This Monday’s Link Roundup has lots of practical tips about charting your family health history, making better speeches, finding the right color palette, and restoring old LPs with wood glue. Aren’t you glad you stopped by? ;-)

  • Family Health Histories on the Web. “It’s never been easier to trace your family’s health history. Legislation like the Health and Human Services Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures that you can access your private medical records, and an increasing number of Web-based sites, tools, and software capabilities can help you learn about and document your medical history.”
  • Three Steps to Make Your Next Speech Your Best. “Here, I offer three quick steps leaders can take right now to improve their next speech. The steps are conceptually sophisticated but relatively easy to implement, thus fitting the busy executive lifestyle and addressing the natural objections of time and inclination.”
  • Michel Gondry debuts a doc. “Last weekend a new Michel Gondry documentary screened at the fest, and it looks and sounds unlike most of the artist’s work. The Thorn in the Heart is a personal film about Gondry’s aunt, who was a teacher from 1952-1986 in a rural part of France. “Little by little, Michel discovers some family stories he was totally unaware of and uses his camera to explore it in a subtle but very emotional way.”
  • Doing oral history: a practical guide by Donald A. Ritchie. A Google Book. “Doing Oral History has become one of the premier resources in oral history. It explores all aspects of the field, from starting an oral history project, including funding, staffing, and equipment to conducting interviews; publishing; videotaping; preserving materials; teaching oral history; and using oral history in museums and on the radio. In this second edition, the author has incorporated new trends and scholarship, updated and expanded the bibliography and appendices, and added a new focus on digital technology and the Internet. Appendices include sample legal release forms and information on oral history organizations.”
  • “… makes the world’s public domain audio books available for browsing in a visual and entertaining way.”
  • Find the Right Color Palette for Your Next Presentation or Design. “Many of us spend hours floundering around looking for just the right colors while designing a web site, presentation, or flier. Design blog Before & After put together a great booklet detailing a little beginner’s color theory for complimenting your next effort.”
  • Use Wood Glue to Clean and Restore Old LPs. “Cleaning LPs with a bottle of wood glue is hardly an intuitive way to get more mileage out of that bottle of glue in your workshop or clean a beloved LP. The results, however, are quite impressive.”

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2 Responses to Monday’s Link Roundup.

  1. Another great blog, Dan, with so much practical advice from a wide range of sources. It’s defini9t6ely in the ‘read & save’ category for me.

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