Monday’s Link Roundup.

In this Monday’s Link Roundup I highly recommend Eulogy for Robert B. Parker. Written by his son, it is a wonderful illustration of the ability to capture the essence of a person in a few well crafted words. And if you’re like me and need solitude from time to time, be sure to read the lost art of solitude.

  • Genealogical Tourism Redefining Leisure Travel Market. “For the work-weary, the word “vacation” may conjure images of leisurely, carefree days at the beach sipping umbrella drinks. But according to published research by a University of Illinois expert in tourism and recreation, genealogical tourism is one of the fastest growing markets in vacation travel because it represents a conscious shift away from relaxation and into the realm of personal enrichment and fulfillment.” [ Thanks to Dear Myrtle for alerting me to this item. ]
  • WTC Memorial Museum Unveils Oral History Collection. “The September 11th National Memorial Museum preview site in Lower Manhattan will unveil Wednesday a collection of almost 600 audio recordings from families and friends of the terrorist attacks’ victims.”
  • Eulogy for Robert B. Parker by his son, David. This  was read aloud at Robert B. Parker’s memorial service. “I met my father in 1959 though I don’t remember our first moments together. Over the years, I thought I’d come to know him quite well, but I never really understood–until these last weeks–that he was really three different men.”
  • Our First Legacy: Names…Our Way Home. “Names function as a compass connecting us to our families and communities from generation to generation. Stories about how and why we were given our names give substance and significance to our names.”
  • Procrastination: Feeling overwhelmed, helpless and ready to run away. “For the size of the wave, it’s surprising how it catches us by surprise. You’d think we’d see it coming. Yet, each time we sit down to begin a difficult task that we’d rather avoid, here it comes – a huge tidal wave of negative emotions that overwhelms us. We feel incompetent. We feel like an impostor. We want to run away.”
  • Five Best Offline Backup Tools. “Online backup has many benefits—safety from local catastrophe, storage on professionally maintained servers, etc.—but economy, control, and 100% guaranteed privacy aren’t among them. Check out these five popular tools for making safe and sound local backups.”
  • the lost art of solitude. “Solitude is a lost art in these days of ultra-connectedness, and while I don’t bemoan the beauty of this global community, I do think there’s a need to step back from it on a regular basis.”

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