Monday’s Link Roundup.

This Monday’s Link Roundup has a little something for everyone. My favorite is A Powerful Story. It’s a great example of how a story can be told creatively and powerfully in three minutes. If you can spare a few minutes, you’ll be intrigued by this video.

  • A Parking Lot Poet Turns 100. “In the tiny parking lot booth just west of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Joe Binder writes his poems: odes to the Rat Pack and the old days in the neighborhood.

“The time was great, the people were nice
And the pizza was only five cents a slice.”

Mostly, though, Mr. Binder parks cars. And though he celebrated his 100th birthday Thursday, he has no plans to retire.”

  • Let’s Bring Back. “Inspired by Ms. Blume’s popular, longstanding  Huffington Post column by the same name, Chronicle Books will release Let’s Bring Back as a book on November 1, 2010. A sophisticated, stylish cultural encyclopedia, Let’s Bring Back will celebrate forgotten objects, curiosities, pastimes, landmarks, and personae from bygone eras that should not have been left behind.” [Thanks to APH member Marcy Davis for alerting me to this item.]
  • The Objects and Memory Project. “In the face of sudden disruption and inexplicable loss, there is a need to bridge the irreplaceable past with a hopeful future. This film follows people driven to preserve meaningful objects in the aftermath of 9/11 and other upheavals. Otherwise ordinary items come to symbolize experiences, aspirations, and identity. Without the objects, the stories would lack vibrancy; without the stories the objects would lack significance. Taken together, the images of the objects and the stories they evoke lead the viewer on a journey where the commonplace is transformed into the remarkable and where the stuff of history is highly personalized.”
  • 10 Simple Google Search Tricks. “I’m always amazed that more people don’t know the little tricks you can use to get more out of a simple Google search. Here are 10 of my favorites. ” [Thanks to APH member Marcy Davis for alerting me to this item.]
  • Digital Death Day. “What happens to your bits when you die? Digital Death Day takes place on May 20, 2010 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. It’s an unconference  set to explore what happens when a person dies. What happens to your digital assets? How do you probate digital assets? What about jointly held digital assets? What happens to your digital avatars? What are the policies about your email account upon death?”
  • A powerful story: Simple, but not simplistic. “If I asked you to create a compelling three-minute video with only written words, could you do it?  Take a look at this interesting video treatment of words playfully telling a serious story.”
  • LibraryThing. “There are a lot of ways to catalog a personal book collection, but I’ve settled on LibraryThing because I have more books than other media (we don’t buy movies, aren’t gamers, etc). I use LT to keep track of my own books, books I wish I owned, or want to read (using a wish list tag) and also to keep track of books I’ve loaned out to others (tag plus a note with the date loaned).”

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  1. Heya! Thanks for the mention in your roundup!

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