Poll: How Long Have You Been A Personal Historian?

In order to serve you better,  I’d like to know if you’re new to personal history work or a seasoned veteran. Please take a moment to answer my poll.

Many thanks.


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15 Responses to Poll: How Long Have You Been A Personal Historian?

  1. I launched my business, Morning Glory Memoirs, last year. For more than ten years before that, though, I interviewed people, often about their lives, for magazine articles. During those years I also wrote funeral tributes for close family members and a friend, and lighthearted accounts of how certain aunts and uncles met and got married.

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Dan, and I save many of them. I always learn something. Thanks for your generosity in sharing ideas and information.

  2. When I got laid off three years ago, I decided to start a new career as a writer & Personal Historian. I now conduct writing workshops in person and by phone.

    My current projects include expanding my own family’s history, writing memoirs for clients and promoting my book about easy ways to encourage families and children to write their own precious stories.

    It is called Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories, available on my website, http://www.bethlamie.com.

    I appreciate all the valuable information you share with us. I look forward to it, especially your Monday roundups. Thanks, Dan!

  3. In a way I am new to this ph business. Officially have only been in business about six months (though attended my first APH conference in 2008). Back in 1982 I had to make a choice between photography or personal histories. I knew the photography was a sure bet, couldn’t find anyone who was also interested in the personal historian business. Quit the photo business two years ago, remember what I wanted to do so long ago and finally here I am! I so enjoy your posts, Dan – truly you are a wealth of information. Thank you so much for the time you take in doing this. It’s soooooooo appreciated!

    • @Diane Littlefield. Thanks, Diane. I’m happy that my blog articles are of value to you. I enjoy putting them together. Welcome to the wonderful world of personal histories!

  4. I interviewed 100 aged care residents about 10 set questions in 1988 the year of Australia’s Bi-centenary. business flowed by word of mouth after a book of the interviews was given to 1500 residents in 6 Churches of Christ complexes.
    I started History from the Heart in January 2006 as the only consistent Australian member of APH!

    • @Annie Payne. Thanks for taking part in my poll, Annie. I was also interested in how you got started in the personal history field. Keep up the good work of being the APH’s only consistent member in Australia!

    • Hi Annie,

      I’d be really interested in speaking to you. I think you are in WA. I’m in Vic. When my business gets moving a bit more I will hopefully be the 2nd consistent Australian member of APH!

      I’m @itsmylifedvds on twitter. I’ll look you up



  5. I began this business just over two years ago. My background is in music, opera. I have sung over twenty major roles both here and in Europe. I have also been a fund raiser in higher education. My business has just exploded, so much so that I am shortly going to have to hire others to help. I do no advertising, just network which for me is like falling off a log–I do it with passion and conviction! I thoroughly enjoy and learn from your blogs–problem is having time to read them.

    • @Jean Deresienska. Thanks for your comments and participating in my poll. I’m glad you enjoy my blog articles, that is when you have time to read them. ;-) Continued great success with your personal history business.

  6. Thanks, Dan. Just went over to Beth’s, and others.
    Really enjoy getting your newsletter – introduced me concept of “Personal Historian.”
    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Bill ;-)

    Author of “Back to the Homeplace”
    and “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

  7. Hi Dan
    I’ve been conducting personal video biographies for over 10 years, but initially it was just with my family and other interesting older people I met. In August 2007 I officially created my business – It’s My Life DVDs – after realising that capturing people’s stories on video is my true passion in life. It uses all my skills, but more importantly I feel it contributes to others in the way I’ve always wanted.

    I initially started It’s My Life as a project while doing a Self Expression & Leadership Program with Landmark Education. We had to complete a community project, and when I thought what I was most passionate about, I realised I wanted every person (regardless of background, age etc) to have their story captured. So I created a website to lead people through how to video interview their family & then proceeded to publicise it on radio & other media. So many people said they were going to do it with someone they love, but they didn’t because of ‘time’ or confidence.

    So that’s where my business came from – I decided that if people didn’t have the time or confidence to interview their family members maybe they could pay me to do it. Then I could do what I love and earn a living too! The business is growing slowly, but I’m determined to make it work.

    I’m loving meeting people like you and Stefani T and others online. You are all very inspirational & motivating to me.

    Keep Smiling


    • @itsmylifedvds. Thanks for taking part in my poll, Louise. Interesting to learn about your business and its evolution. Glad some of us are providing you with inspiration. It would be great if you could make it to the APH conference in November. I know it’s a long way to come but it’ll be worth it! Much success with your business.

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