Monday’s Link Roundup.

I had a lot fun putting together this Monday’s Link Roundup. There’s just so much great stuff out there. This week is no exception. For a look at the fast changing pace of media over the past 120, don’t miss Retro Media: Memory (and Memories) Lost. If you’re looking for a good chuckle, stop by the Top 10 Funniest Google Suggest Results.

And don’t forget to vote on my poll: How long have you been a personal historian? Click here to vote.

  • The [Oxford] Handbook of Oral History. [Hardback. 608 pages. Publication date, Oct. 2010. $150.00 ] “The Oxford Handbook of Oral History brings together forty authors on five continents to address the evolution of oral history, the impact of digital technology, the most recent methodological and archival issues, and the application of oral history to both scholarly research and public presentations. The volume is addressed to seasoned practitioners as well as to newcomers, offering diverse perspectives on the current state of the field and its likely future developments.”
  • Untold stories of early environmentalists come alive in oral histories.Environmental Activism in Los Angeles features 25 in-depth oral histories with local environmentalists, half of which will be unveiled on Thursday, April 22, on Earth Day.  Their accounts will be posted online both as written transcripts and digital recordings at the UCLA Library Center for Oral History Research.”
  • Retro Media: Memory (and Memories) Lost. “The past 120 years saw some of the most rapid changes in how we record, collect, and use audio, visual, and now digital information. The pace creates in its wake, a long list of obsolete technologies, some of which, still exist, but for which equipment and storage technologies are not always available. This exhibit reflects this light-speed, developing technology world with a selection of media formats.”
  • Five Best Offline Backup Tools. “Online backup has many benefits—safety from local catastrophe, storage on professionally maintained servers, etc.—but economy, control, and 100% guaranteed privacy aren’t among them. Check out these five popular tools for making safe and sound local backups.”
  • Top 10 Funniest Google Suggest Results. “A feature from Google Labs (Google Labs), Suggest offers you real-time suggestions to complete your search query as you type. One of the factors in the algorithm that determines the results is the overall popularity of searches by other users. Part illuminating, part entertaining and part terrifying, Suggest is a window into the collective search psyche of our fellow humans. And based on the contents of this list — be afraid. Be very afraid.”

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Poll: How long have you been a personal historian? Click here.

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