From The Archives: Can Life Stories Benefit Those With Alzheimer’s?

Can Life Stories Benefit Those With Alzheimer's? Some years ago, when I was a filmmaker, I did a documentary on family caregivers. The show dealt with five caregivers, two of whom were struggling to look after a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I had a close-up look at the challenges it inflicts on patient and caregiver alike. Since I became a personal historian five years ago, I felt that there was therapeutic value in recording the life stories of those with Alzheimer’s. Soon after st … Read More

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2 Responses to From The Archives: Can Life Stories Benefit Those With Alzheimer’s?

  1. Good article, Dan.
    Wait til I show you the Posters As Therapy posters which have been designed initially for people with dementia but also for anyone who needs to live away from their home and family memories: Traumatic Brain Injury amnesia patients, Motor Vehicle Accidents requiring long-term hospitalisation and rehab, end of life Palliative care, rural children hospitalised in the major city, or even students at boarding school or university.

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