Monday’s Link Roundup.

In this Monday’s Link Roundup, if you’re a videographer, you’ll definitely want to read Three remarkable films shot on a Digital SLR. Is this the beginning of the end for video cameras?  And if you’re just looking for something entertaining, don’t miss Corpus Libris. It’s very cool.

  • 4 Top Book Formatting Mistakes to Avoid. “Looking at the actual files we print books from, like the Adobe InDesign files I produce, can be quite revealing … here’s a list of the most common formatting mistakes I’ve come across, and why you should avoid them.”
  • Three remarkable films shot on a Digital SLR. “… you might have overheard some buzz about the potential of digital SLR’s for shooting video. In particular I’m talking about the Canon 5D Mk II and the Canon 7D: both capable of shooting High Definition video as well as taking photographs.”
  • Comparisons of Genealogy Software. “Wikipedia has great, although abbreviated, comparisons of nearly all the current genealogy software. The list of software is impressive. I thought I knew about all the programs available today but must admit I have not previously heard of HuMo-gen.”
  • Corpus Libris.“…began as a fun little photo essay. As we kept going and going, I realized that many, many more people could enjoy and create similar photographs. The possibilities are practically endless! So, send me your Corpus Libris (body/book) photos …”
  • What Really Makes People Buy? “It’s the ultimate sales and marketing question, isn’t it? You work hard at marketing to make contact with potential clients for your professional services. Then you work even harder to get a chance to speak with them about what you have to offer. But how do you actually get them to hire you? The answer may not be what you think.”
  • EBook Conversion Services Directory. “The Ebook Conversion Services Directory is the place to find someone to convert your books into ebook formats. For books in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, PDF or other formats, you’ll find people who can convert one book or many books at a time. Conversions are provided into ePub, Mobi, and many other formats for use in every eBook reader available today. When you need to get your products onto the shelves of the Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore, or, you’ll need one of these ebook conversion services.” [Thanks to Nancy Barnes of for alerting me to this item.]

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